Monday, August 8, 2011

Reticence of Ravens by M. M. Gornell

Time and events have turned Hubert James Champion III into a morose man trying for the last year to escape into California’s Mojave Desert—somewhere a little north of Route 66 on the way to Arizona. No longer a practicing psychologist and FBI collaborator, Hugh now owns Joey’s mini-mart, a half-defunct gas station with no gas, no supplies, and little food for customers. Opening hours variable.
He has become a man hiding out from the world, and himself—trying to seek redemption among the creosote and Palo Verde trees. His main companions these days are an aged desert dog, and the unkindness of the sometimes raucous, but usually reticent ravens.
But Hugh soon senses that he can’t escape—especially when a “special” young woman with red Medusa-like hair, is brought to him one Sunday evening covered in her father's blood. Turner Jackson has been murdered, and LoraLee Jackson is the main suspect. In quick order, Hugh is drawn into proving LoraLee’s innocence by both locals and unwanted East Coast intruders. Add the sudden appearance of LoraLee’s previously unknown brother, a bulldog FBI agent with an agenda of his own, and Hugh’s cousin Della’s love-sick ex-husband—not to mention multiple shootings, exploding drug-labs, and most importantly, Hugh’s past demons rearing their ugly heads once again.
No, Hugh cannot escape having to find a murderer—or his own past.

Reticence of Ravens is a Route 66 Mystery - and the third Mystery by M.M. Gornell
(Approx 60, 000 words / 258 pages paperback)
Reticence of Ravens ebook HERE and paperback HERE
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